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Great American Restaurants All Have a Story to Tell and We Are Proud of Ours....

Owners Chip & Brian enjoying themselves outside the Outta the Way Cafe

Growing up on the east side of New York City we experienced a wonderful evolution in hospitality and restaurants. Michael "Billy" Condon, Toots Shor and Jack Dempsey were great New York restaurateurs who were invariably gracious hosts and at whose restaurants my brother and I were taught good manners, good behavior and learned to enjoy good American food.

It is in keeping with this spirit of hospitality that we serve good American food with pleasant smiles and funky spirits. For thirty-five years we've been a great local bar and restaurant and now with a fun event space right in the heart of Montgomery County, we welcome all of you who find your way to the Outta the Way Cafe.

peace & love,
chip & brian

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