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wednesday night bar bingo

Wednesday Night Bar Bingo

Every Wednesday Night

Music Bar Bingo

Come Get crazy!


No Cover

Music Schedule
September/October ~ 2023

Wednesday ~ September 27th
Music Bingo
Friday ~
September 29th
Dance 'Lil Sister
Saturday ~ September 30th
Stereo Prophets
Wednesday ~ October 4th
Music Bingo
Friday ~ Obtober 6th
Fran Scuderi
Saturday ~ October 11th
Music Bingo
Friday ~ October 13th
Jack Worthington
Saturday ~ October 14th
Jelly Roll Mortals
Wednesday ~ October 18th
Music Bingo
Friday ~ October 20th
One Third Wish
Saturday ~ October 21st
Stereo Prophets
Wednesday ~ october 25th
Music Bingo
Friday ~ October 27th
Flea Bitten Grey
Saturday ~ October 28th
Halloween Party feat/
Zepplin & Company

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